Police can’t cope with avalanche of fraud cases -

Times investigation prompts damning report

Paul Morgan-Bentley, Head of Investigations

January 25th 2020, 12:01am, The Times

Fraudsters in Britain “operate with impunity” because the police are not adequately equipped to investigate them, a report has concluded.
No force can cope with the rapidly increasing number of cases and they are regularly handed to “unskilled investigators”, it revealed.

news22nd January 2020  Health Service

Thousands with dementia being ‘dumped’ in A&E wards every day

Lack of social care at home has caused massive rise in number of patients who are forced into long stays in hospital

By Laura Donnelly, Health Editor: The Telegraph

MORE than 1,000 dementia patients a day are being admitted to hospital accident-andemergency units, some ending up stuck on wards for months.
The number of cases admitted to hospital as emergencies has risen by a third in five years